Jackson Reed Portrait

Jackson Reed

A former Special Forces leader, he is well-versed in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. He has a strong sense of responsibility and is ultra-protective of his team, almost to a fault.

Jackson Reed was born and raised in a military family. His father was a high-ranking officer in the army and his mother was a homemaker. Growing up, he was exposed to the values of discipline, responsibility, and duty from a young age. This upbringing had a profound impact on him, shaping him into the person he is today.

After completing high school, Jackson enrolled in college, where he met Nathan Cross and the two became roommates. Despite being very different in personality, they quickly became close friends. Jackson studied criminal justice and was always fascinated with the military and law enforcement. He would often spend hours in the library, reading books on tactics and strategy, honing his knowledge of weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

Upon graduation, Jackson’s natural inclinations led him to join the army, where he quickly rose through the ranks. He served in several high-risk missions and became known for his bravery and leadership skills. He was a natural leader, able to rally his team and bring them back from seemingly impossible situations.

After several years in the army, Jackson retired and started a private security firm, which quickly became successful. He built a reputation as a no-nonsense guy with a strong sense of responsibility, and a protector of his team at all costs. He despises disorder and is extremely organized, always planning ahead and making sure everything is in its place.

When Nathan uncovered an inactive portal and disappeared, Jackson was a part of the protection team at the site. He saw the portal activate and witnessed Nathan disappear, and he knew he had to help his friend. He contacted Ava and Sophie, who he had stayed in touch with, and together they set out on a journey to find Nathan and uncover the mysteries of the portals.

Ava Madison Portrait

Ava Madison

A theoretical physicist who is a bit absent-minded and always in her own head. Despite her quirks, she is a brilliant mind and is able to come up with innovative solutions to problems. She also has some medical background.

Ava Madison was born in a small town in the mid-west. Her parents were both scientists and instilled a love for knowledge and discovery in her from a young age. Ava showed a talent for physics and mathematics at a young age and was fast-tracked through school. She went on to study theoretical physics at a prestigious university and earned her PhD by the age of 25.

While in school, Ava met Nathan Cross, who was studying archaeology. The two became close friends, bonding over their shared love of discovery and their intellectual curiosity. Ava also met Sophie Khan while working on a project in her last year of college. Sophie was a year behind Ava, but the two hit it off right away and became fast friends.

After graduation, Ava went on to work for a big dollar research facility, where she was quickly recognized for her brilliance and her innovative solutions to complex problems. She was soon offered a lead researcher position and continued to work in the field of theoretical physics.

Ava’s relationship with Sophie only grew stronger over the years. The two would often work on projects together and Ava was always impressed by Sophie’s technical skills and her ability to think outside the box. Sophie would often be the one to bring a bit of humor to Ava’s otherwise serious demeanor and helped her to see the bigger picture.

Despite her success, Ava never forgot about her roots and her small town upbringing. She always remained grounded and never let her achievements go to her head. She remained close with Nathan and Jackson and was always happy to lend her expertise to their various endeavors.

Nathan Cross Portrait

Nathan Cross

A historian or archaeologist with an extensive knowledge of ancient civilizations and cultures. He is empathetic and able to connect with people from all walks of life, and is also a skilled martial artist and has strong survival skills.

Nathan Cross was born into a family of history buffs and archaeologists. From a young age, he was fascinated by the stories of ancient civilizations and the mysteries of the past. His parents would often take him on trips to historical sites and museums, igniting a passion in him for all things history. Nathan was a gifted student, excelling in his studies, particularly in history and anthropology. He went on to attend college, where he studied archeology and earned a PhD in the field.

Nathan had a strong desire to understand the past and uncover the secrets it held. He had a keen eye for detail and was a skilled researcher, making him a sought-after member of many excavation teams. He was known for his ability to connect the dots between different civilizations and cultures, helping to paint a picture of the past that was often missing pieces. Nathan’s empathy and compassion also made him well-liked by his colleagues and the local communities where he worked.

In one of his many expeditions, Nathan discovered an inactive portal during an archaeological dig. The finding brought all sorts of people to the site, including the military. Nathan’s old friend and college roommate, Jackson, was part of the military protection team. One evening, as everyone was leaving for the day, Nathan stumbled upon an ornate metal cube. As soon as he picked it up, the cube glowed with a blue light, and the portal suddenly activated, revealing a door made of swirling water. Nathan stepped forward and touched the water, disappearing into the portal.

Nathan’s disappearance was a shock to everyone, but it was Jackson who took the lead in finding him. Jackson reached out to Nathan’s close friend, Ava Madison, a brilliant theoretical physicist, and Sophie Khan, a tech-savvy hacker, to help him in the search. The three of them set out on an adventure to find their friend and uncover the secrets of the portals.

Sophie Khan Portrait

Sophie Khan

A hacker/tech whiz who is the tech expert of the group and is able to hack into any system and find information others may not be able to access. She is quick-witted and has a bit of a short temper.

Sophie Khan was born into a family of computer enthusiasts. Her father was a software developer, and her mother was a computer hardware engineer. Growing up, Sophie was always surrounded by technology, and her parents encouraged her to learn about and experiment with computers. At a young age, Sophie discovered she had a natural talent for hacking and programming. She was able to understand complex systems and find ways to manipulate them for her own purposes.

In high school, Sophie became known as the go-to person for anyone who needed help with technology. This included fixing broken devices, hacking into locked systems, and finding information that was meant to be kept secret. Sophie was always willing to use her skills for good, but she didn’t always follow the law. Her reputation as a tech whiz soon spread, and she became known for her quick-witted and often humorous personality.

It was during her college years that Sophie met Ava Madison. Ava was a year ahead of Sophie and was working on a science project that required the use of technology. Sophie was brought in to help, and the two hit it off right away. Ava was impressed by Sophie’s technical abilities, and Sophie was drawn to Sophie’s brilliance and passion for science. The two became close friends, and Sophie continued to assist Ava on various projects throughout their college years.

Sophie studied computer science in college. Her reputation as a tech whiz continued to grow, and she was soon recruited by a number of tech companies. However, Sophie was not interested in working for big corporations. Instead, she chose to work on the dark side of technology, using her skills for high-dollar payouts in questionable situations. Despite her questionable choices, Sophie remained close friends with Ava, who was now studying for her doctorate in theoretical physics.

Years later, when Jackson and Nathan reached out to Ava for help in finding Nathan after he disappeared through a portal, Ava knew she needed Sophie’s help. Sophie’s expertise in hacking and technology would be crucial in their mission to find Nathan. With Sophie’s skills, the team was able to uncover information that led them to the portals and their ultimate goal of finding Nathan.